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The Bank Technology News Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing and Email List is a direct response, subscriber list comprising corporate management, middle management, IT management and financial management titles within the financial services industry.

Bank Technology News, the industry’s source of technology coverage, provides critical information and analysis on the relationship between banking strategy and technology execution at financial institutions. As banks and other financial organizations focus intently on facilitating business objectives, meeting compliance guidelines and achieving a return on investment for technology purchases, Bank Technology News focuses on the players, companies and innovations that enable institutions to play by new rules and establish benchmarks by which their performance and regulatory compliance will be enhanced. Bank Technology News is published as a special report and distributes a daily eNewsletter.

SourceMedia, an Investcorp company, is a leading provider of timely and essential news, analysis, research, data and insights for members of the financial services community, and related fields in professional services and technology. SourceMedia offers its clients and subscribers publications and online information services, industry-standard data applications and in-depth seminars and conferences.

Successful Users: The business decision-makers on the Bank Technology News Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing and Email List are responsive to offers pertaining to technology, financial services, seminars, webinars, educational materials, computer hardware/software, office products and supplies, subscriptions, high-ticket items, managerial products, mobile plans and apps, travel and all industry related offers.

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